How to create flipbox in divi theme

Are you looking for a cool way to add flip-boxes in your Divi website, it’s now super simple. You can use this approach for various purposes on your website like team member descriptions, services and more. In this article, we’ll create flip-box using blurb module and style it using built-in options in blurb module. Layout […]
Inspiring Testimonial 1

5 Inspiring Testimonials Design for 2018

Testimonials section is an important part of any website. It shows your reputation towards your customers and is a powerful tool for establishing trust. We have collected some inspiring testimonial designs from premium themes that you can implement on your website. 1. Dipto View Demo 2. Poppins View Demo 3. Poppins View Demo 4. Taxisbiz […]

Remove specific text from any element

Some times we have a paragraph and we need to remove some text or word dynamically but we don’t have any id or class to target that text/word. Using jQuery we can easily solve this problem. Suppose we have this paragraph Categories: All Products, Themes, Plugins Now i want to remove “Categories:” text so here […]

Remove a comma from last item in categories list

I was developing a wordpress theme and came across this issue that my custom post type categories show comma at last category item. My code was like this: So, by using rtrim and modifying code a bit; i was able to fix this problem. Below is my final code. Please adjust your code accordingly to […]

How to Disable WordPress Emoticons

By default, WordPress automatically converts text smileys to graphic images. For example, when you type ;-) in your post you see 😉 when you preview or publish your post. Now, you want to disable this feature and would like to show only text. Here are two easy methods to disable these emoticons in wordpress. Method […]